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Three latest PHP techniques to improve class programming

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PHP development techniques to improve the quality of your programming.

Selection of exact caching technique

Many caching techniques are there to be applied on various situations. The simplest and globally accepted caching trick is to use Opcode caches. This idea works for eliminating much of the redundant work on every level of the process. Similarly, Memcached is a good idea that stores data in central server and works better for those applications which are scattered in various servers. Other simple caching techniques involve serialization of data and it’s storage on temporary files. This too works well for optimization of codes. On the basis of the demand of a project, you should apply the best suitable caching technique.

Utilize the unit testing process

In order to maintain codebase and avoid code rot, nothing can be better idea than unit testing. A stepwise process for unit testing for writing codes and then refactoring of code should be carried out following the final testing at last. This will assure you to check whether the new code works better or not. FirePHP and XdeBug are also good tools to work well for this purpose. Cleaning logs and tracking error reports are good ideas for better functioning of codes.

Contact with other programmers

Although, it is a common and conventional idea but definitely this works in an awesome manner. Going through various programming blogs, social media networks, YouTube and websites offering information about PHP development will help you improve your skills. I never miss any conference regarding this matter in my community and participate in bug reports and code reviews. Apart from this I always try contributing my work to open source project for enhancing my skills. I experiences that this is the kind of way through which I’m learning more.

A regular programmer can think that it knows a lot about PHP development, even I did but actually it’s not a fact. The rapidly changing scenario in the techno world and day by day evolving techniques in PHP programming has given rise to lots of ultimate things that we yet don’t know. There is always a room for perfection even to expert programmers and they can improve their skills more by learning the trick. .tracking news about the latest releases, coding based programming and insider knowledge, one can be assured of knowing much about its field. Your first objective should be to develop clear and far optimized codes.


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