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Alpha Composting Computer Technology Seminar abstract, report

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Alpha composting is the process of combining an image with another image as its background. This creates the appearance of full or partial transparency of the resulting image. It is mostly used in 2D graphics. Composting is also used to combine images and live footage. This is a very useful process as it is widely used in many fields. It is a simple and vital process. To combine these images in an effective manner, it is essential to keep the matte of each element. This thing contains information regarding each element. The information is regarding the shape of each element. Alpha channel is the concept designed to store information.

Additional information is stored regarding each pixel in the alpha channel with a value between zero and one. The technique is used in many applications. You will find it in many leading operating systems like Android, Mac OS, Plan 9 and many more. It also has support in many graphical user interfaces (GUI) and widgets. Although there are many other transparency methods, Alpha composting is the most used due to its easy way of usage and amazing features. The end result is worth taking notice and better than that found in any other method.

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